We love making cleanses and believe in what we do, but take a peek at what our clients are saying about CAN CAN Cleanse!

Jennifer B: “Loved the cleanse! It totally knocked me back on the right path with my eating.”

Jaime L: “…can we just talk about whatever was in that fricken apple juice drink……..ROCKED my afternoon! Downed it with a straw and then was sorry I had not savored it more….So flippin good!”

Maggie G: “I loved the cleanse – it seemed like the juices were even tastier this time around, but maybe it’s just been too long since I did it!

Not sure I ever shared this with you before, but your cleanses last year helped me and my doctors to figure out that my lifelong stomach ailments (which have landed me in the hospital a few times) were most likely the result of food allergies, because when I was on a cleanse was the only time I didn’t have any issues. I did the Elimination Diet and discovered that dairy and soy wreaked havoc on my digestive system, as well as my skin and respiratory system. I’ve been dairy and soy free now for over a year!

Thanks for making such an amazing product – I’ll definitely be doing another one soon!”

Erich G: “I am not really sure anything can top that soup, but I am excited to try it. I am definitely not a health nut in the slightest, but that soup would hang with most any steak or burger – in my opinion.”

Dr. Elisa S: “I have loved the CAN CAN Cleanse! I haven’t felt hungry at all, and my mental clarity and energy have been fantastic! I look forward to the next 2 days of the green cleanse. Call me crazy, but I feel like doing this every month!”

Brian K: “I think when most people think of a cleanse they think nasty tasting drinks and they will be tied to the bathroom 24×7 from the effects and this isn’t what this is.  It’s a reboot of good eating habits and all the drinks are delicious and taste very good and I found that I was able to workout and didn’t feel jittery or lightheaded and wasn’t starving like I thought I would.”

Judy R: “Thanks so much! Another cleansing down in our books! It was so sad to look in our fridge to our dismay there were no more mason jars for us to pack in our lovely tote!”